Dealing With Business Failure

This is a half day course for the business owner to provide the key skills on how to be prepared and recognise the signs that business is not performing as it should, and what do to about it.

Topics Covered

  • Understanding the current state of the business
  • Understanding how business processes may be improved
  • Understanding Insolvency
  • Understanding Examiner ship and the role of the receiver
  • Encouraging and retaining stakeholder interest and involvement
  • Effective communication with stake holders
  • The Role of a director
  • Detailed documentation

On completion of this Course you will be able to:

  • Facilitate an extraordinary meeting of the directors
  • Demonstrate an understanding of insolvency and the Irish law surrounding this area
  • Identify recommendations for business shut down stress free
  • understand and manage the role of the Examiner, Receiver or Liquidator
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