Lean Six Sigma White Belt

This is a 1 day course for business owners, senior managers, staff managers, internal consultants, senior staff members, and anyone involved in strategic planning and/or the management of business process improvement activities. It is a useful course for bringing the company’s Management Team to a common

Understanding of the capabilities, goals and objectives of a Lean Six Sigma Programme.The true experts are those who do the work every day, so the course is an excellent way to develop all the staff to a Lean Six Sigma culture. Bad culture will always beat good process, so changing the culture to key to success.On this two-day Lean Six Sigma Introductory course participants will learn about Six Sigma, Lean principles and the practical application of these tools and techniques, as well as how they can actively direct, manage and participate in these programmes.

Topics Covered

  • History of Lean Six sigma
  • Understanding DMAIC (Define Measure Analysis Improve & Control)
  • Developing and understanding a story board
  • Understanding the tools and techniques
  • Introduction to Moving Range Charts
  • Understanding TQM and lean Six Sigma
  • Understanding FMEA (Failure Mode & Effect Analysis)
  • Identifying project opportunities
  • Understanding and producing a Process Map
  • Understanding Metrics and Fish Bone diagrams
  • The Nature of Change and Overcoming Resistance
  • Tools and techniques for Effective Change and Business Transformation

On completion of this Course you will be have:

  • An Understanding of the history and reasons for Lean six sigma
  • An overall understanding to the concepts, tools and principles of Lean
  • An overall understanding to the Six Sigma philosophy, the DMAIC methodology and the tools and techniques used in Six Sigma.
  • An understanding of the similarities, differences and practical applications of both Six Sigma and Lean approaches.
  • An understanding of how Lean Six Sigma can be integrated into the company’s management systems.
  • Some initial criteria and guidelines for selecting, reviewing and evaluating Lean Six Sigma projects.
  • A fundamental understanding of how these programs can be applied to deliver an effective continuous improvement program to reduce waste and variation in the business.

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